My oh my, how time does fly! Where has this year gone?! It’s amazing how quickly time goes when you’re busy, happy, or otherwise preoccupied in life. I have been all of those things.

When your work life is crazy busy, and your personal life is cray busy, and your yoga teaching life is, you guessed it, crazy busy, what is the first thing that falters? For me, it has been my personal practice, and it shows. Not just physically. Sure, by not practicing 3-4 times a week, I find my flexibility lacking. But moreso, I am more irritable, I am less flexible mentally. I have been struggling to find a balance, between work, life, doing yoga, and teaching yoga.

Did you know, when you’re out balance mentally, it impacts your balance physically? Have you ever noticed it’s harder to balance in tree-pose, or harder to find your balance in an inversion, on a day you’re feeling mentally ‘off’? This is because your mental attitude impacts your physical practice. I have been out of balance for quite some time. I have found certain aspects of my life taking over, such as a promotion at work leading to a tough couple of months of 70 hour work weeks, late nights, and tight deadlines. My sleep patterns faltered, my personal practice was almost non-existent, and any free minutes I had, I spent on my phone.

I’m reading a book called Living Your Yoga lent to me by one of my yoga studio managers, and the chapter on perspective resonated with me, specifically a quote that says:

 “Life will continually challenge us. If we pay attention, these challenges can broaden our perspective.”

I’ve been faced with the challenges of trying to balance too many things, to the point where I’ve begun to lose sight of what truly matters. If I broaden my perspective, these challenges, really, are opportunities to realize what is most important to me, and how to remedy my own imbalances.

Living Your Yoga says “By paying attention to how we lose perspective about little things…we can create a habit of opening our perspective to the more important things. We will be more likely to understand what is lasting and what is not.

So, there are some changes I am going to make. Who says resolutions are just for New Years?

I resolve to find more balance in my life. I resolve to balance my teaching, my work schedule, my personal practice, my friends, my (long-distance) boyfriend. What this means, is a shift in my priorities, a shift in my teaching schedule, a shift in my mentality, a shift in my perspective. I’ll be teaching less weekly classes, taking more time on my mat at home, waking up *early* to take more time to myself. I resolve to do less mindless scrolling on social media; more mindful minutes or hours reading, writing, or otherwise enhancing my personal yoga practice on and off my mat.

It is difficult to find balance sometimes. It’s hard to figure out which part of your life is overtaking, which part you need to change, and which you need to spend more time on. The first step to balance is to put both feet on the ground, stabilize your soul, and mentally prepare yourself for the next move. Perspective is everything.